The company

Since 2006 we design and build systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources such as wind farms and solar photovoltaic panels and biomass.
Founded as a consortium, today the LAG. POWER is a limited liability company.

Renewable sources and wind energy

Wind energy is energy from renewable sources capable of satisfying individual consumption and to produce electricity for the grid without any polluting emissions.
We provide consultancy, design and the process that leads to the construction of renewable energy plants.

Preliminar phase
Technical consulting

Technical preliminary feasibility consulting calculation for plant convenience


Research sites and administrative procedures and authorization


Detailed analysis of the anemometric resource

Implementation phase

Capably site rating

Design and Implementation

System design and implementation

Works management

Project management and safety coordination for the construction of the facilities.

Energy efficiency

We propose energy efficiency measures on civil and industrial buildings that, with the adoption of the most advanced systems and the integration of energy from renewable sources, they get a cost savings and autonomy with a consequent reduction in environmental impact.

Enhancing the free energy contributions of a building, our actions for heating and thermal insulation minimize heat loss and generate a high level of comfort in all seasons, with consumption (and related costs) reduced.

To precisely define the action to be performed, we analyze in detail the previous energy consumption in order to indicate the technical solutions to be adopted, in every situation that presents different structures and processes.


Redevelopment of heating / air conditioning and lighting.


Implementation of the shielding system

Thermal systems

Hot water for sanitary use, installation of condensing boilers and heat pumps.

Power factor correction and thermal recovery

Installation of power factor correction systems and heat recovery.

Design and implementation of public green areas

Over the years, in addition to the installation and operation of renewable energy systems, we carry out the activities of design and construction of residential and non-residential, design, construction, management and maintenance of works of naturalistic engineering, public parks, urban design, parks and play areas.

We run since 2008, the maintenance of power grids in the urban municipality of Lucera (FG).

121mil. €
invested by our customers
215 empl.
employed in the work
20468 h.
of project work
15363 h.
of system maintenance

Beware the environment, respect for nature ... the advantage of clean energy.

LAG. POWER - s.r.l.

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