Wind Farm Serra Lo Monaco (Laterza)

  • Wind Farm Laterza
  • Wind Farm Laterza
  • Wind Farm Laterza
  • Wind Farm Laterza

Work date: June 2011
Place: Laterza (TA) – Italy
Customer: EDP Renewables Italia s.r.l.

Project details

The area considered by the “EDP Renewables Italy Srl” appropriate and relevant to the realization of the center for the production of electricity from wind power (wind farm), falls, in whole, in the countryside of the town of Laterza (TA). As further described on the drawings, it is located about 5.00 km north of the town “Serro Lo Monaco”, and in the IGM cartography it is located in the sheet 201 I-NO; it stretches on the East West for a distance of about 3.7 km, on the north-south for about 3.2 km and it is ideally bounded by the “cattle track” Appia Antica along the Northwest-Southeast and along the SP 22 North.
Overall, the surface that bounds the wind farm is about 683 hectares – 536 hectares (5.36 million m2) of which concerned the first operation – whose urbanism typing, according to the Existing Local Strategic Plan of the town of Laterza, is homogeneous zone of type “E”, the agricultural zone.

The project involves the installation of wind turbines with a nominal power of 3.0 MW each; the use of wind turbines of great size has resulted from both the accessibility features of the site and the orographic terrain.
Mostly, the area is used as an agricultural activity, therefore able to co-exist with the presence of large-sized wind turbines; these allow a land occupation that does not change the intended use.
The forecast data for potential wind energy available for the site permit, however, with the use of these wind turbines, an occupation of the land in relation to the optimal energy production obtainable.